Celebrating our 30th anniversary Fish World is one of the largest pet stores in the St. Louis area. We have several systems totaling over 7500 gallons. We have both marine and fresh water fish, as well as, reptiles and birds. We also carry all major brands of pet food and have organic pet food. You can also buy fresh baked treats for your four-legged friends at our Barkery. Our store front is located on Main Street in St. Charles, MO. Here you will find just the right animal to make your house into a home. Whether you want an aquarium for your relaxing and viewing pleasure for your office or home, an exotic bird, reptile or a tasty treat for your four legged family member, we have it all! Our experienced staff will spend time with you helping you decide exactly what information you need regarding the perfect pet or pet supplies you need. If you are looking for a salt water tank, our staff will discuss a fish only, a reef only tank or a combination of both our staff will educate you. If you are looking for a reptile or bird our experts will help you decide which animal is the best fit for you. We have snakes, lizards, salamanders. We have exotic birds like McKaws, peacocks and Rainbow Lorikeets. We also have zebra finches and parakeets and bird cages of all shapes and sizes.